Daylight studio

Located at a prime location on the Haarlemmerdijk in Amsterdam, Ume Studio is more than just a place to shop for stunning fashion collections. Our versatile studio space is also available for rent, offering the perfect setting for shooting content, creating videos, and hosting a variety of events. With its incredible natural light and unique vibe, the space effortlessly sets a mood while being adaptable to your desired style.

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4 reasons why you should rent our studio


Perfect lightning

Step into our studio and elevate your photos and videos with breathtaking natural lighting. Thanks to our expansive skylight, you’ll experience perfect lightning that takes your visuals to the next level. Capture brilliance like never before at our studio.

Studio rental

Versatile Ambiance

With its minimalist aesthetic, our studio space is incredibly versatile, allowing everyone to cultivate their ideal vibe. This makes our venue perfect for press events, dinners, launches, pop-ups, and beyond. Discover a space that adapts to your vision effortlessly


Prime location

Our studio is located on Haarlemmerdijk in the heart of Amsterdam, offering a prime A-location just a 15-minute stroll from Amsterdam Central Station. This makes our studio the ideal spot for events, shoots, and much more

Studio rental

Customizable Space

Our studio space is effortlessly customizable to align perfectly with your concept. With versatile furniture options and the freedom to adjust as you please, it's easy to create the ideal setting that fits your unique vision

Booking and Inquiries

For bookings, multi-day rentals, special requests, events or collaboration opportunities, please contact us directly via