All our rugs come from the middle of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. These are also known as Berber rugs. A Berber rug consists of a knotted pile, then it is cut, giving the rug its distinctive warm look and feel.


These handwoven Moroccan rugs are known for their geometrical patterns and bright colours! These bright pinks, reds and oranges fade with time into the most beautiful pastels...

The Boujaad rug comes from the Beni Mellal-Khénifra region, in the province of Khouribga. All these carpets are hand woven by skilled women. These creators are true creatives and that is reflected in these special rugs, no one will be the same! The craftmanship is seen in the intricate asymmetrical designs they create. The patterns in a Boujaad rug are often derived from tattoo designs and the architectural, geometric shapes of their tribe. The dye ,used to colour the pure wool, is natural.

All boujaad rugs are one of a kind, ensuring that you have a real eye-catcher in your home.

These boujaad rugs are vintage and collected by our connections in Morocco especially for UMÉ ATELIER.

As these rugs are vintage, small traces of use may be present.

Material: 100% wool



A Beni Ouarain is an
atmospheric, yet serene base for any interior.

You will often see that these rugs have an ivory-coloured base topped with dark stripes or graphic patterns.

At UMÉ ATELIER you will see these rugs with colorful stripes. We love a good pop of colour!

The rugs are named after the Berber village of Beni Ouarain in the Mid-Atlas Mountains.

Material: 100% wool




This gingham variant is a twist on the traditional shapes of Berber rugs. It is the perfect combination of traditional Moroccan craftsmanship combined with a challenging contemporary design.

This rug is traditionally knotted with 100% wool. The rug is traditionally washed with soap and then dried in the sun, it retains its quality and softness. This process creates a pleasing and soft texture.

Perfect to add a pop of color or pattern to your interior. This kind of style is also perfect to be used as wall art.

Material: 100% wool



What are the rugs made of?

Our rugs are crafted from high-quality wool, handwoven by talented artisans in Morocco.

How should I maintain my rug?

For daily upkeep, we recommend regular vacuuming with a soft brush attachment to remove dust and debris.
If needed, professional or a monthly cleaning can help preserve the rug's quality.

Read our blogpost on how to maintian your rugs here.

Do you offer shipping for rugs?

Yes, we offer shipping for our rugs. Please contact us for more information regarding shipping costs and terms.

Or come visit our store at Haarlemmerdijk 144, where we'll be happy to assist you with your selection :)

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Whether you're drawn to vibrant hues or timeless elegance, our rugs come in various sizes and prices starting from:

  • Small: 100 x 160 cm, starting from €225
  • Medium: 250 x 150 cm, starting from €475
  • Big: 200 x 300 cm, starting from €675
  • Large: 400 x 500 cm, starting from €1250

Visit us at Ume Atelier - Haarlemmerdijk 144 - for personalized assistance and tailored advice on finding your perfect rug! :)
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