About UMÉ Studio

Umé is a Japanese tree that symbolises connection and hope. This is what UMÉ Studio does by bringing fashion, art, and consciousness together in one place.

We are a sustainable clothing store that tries to give fashion a second chance at life by featuring the unique styles of 15 well-known content creators.


It’s impossible for them to keep all the items from brands they collaborate with throughout the year. We created a circular solution by giving these barely-worn items a second life.

"UMÉ Studio: where pre-loved fashion, art, and consciousness meet."

UMÉ Studio knows how to surprise you, by adding new items to the collection every week. All items are carefully selected and checked by our team.

Besides having the most beautiful fashion items in our collection, you can also find abstract art made by Elise Bak, inspired by natural textures and leftover materials.

Find your style and be inspired in the field of fashion, quality and sustainability.


Company info:

Address: Haarlemmerdijk 140, 1013 JJ Amsterdam

E-mail: info@umestudio.nl

Tel.: +31 6 20119401

KVK: 37112145