Benthe Liem

Our own entrepreneur and owner of the clothing brand Butter & Hazel. You think that’s all?

Next to running a business, she’s a full time content creator where she takes her followers with her in her daily Amsterdam life.

In combination with her unique authentic personality she inspires her followers daily through her posts and reels. Give her a good cup of coffee in the morning and she rules the world.

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Elise Bak

What can’t she do? Art, singing, fashion, photography, our Elise has it all!

Co-founder of Umé Studio and has a passion for fashion & interior design. Because of her artistic background she’s able to capture the most beautiful photo’s and video’s.

Through her reels and posts she inspirers her followers daily in interior, fashion and more. If you’re looking for a chique but down to earth aesthetic, you’re at the right address

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Bruna Bear

If you say fashion and travelling you say, Bruna. This Lebanese beauty is always on the road and shares her passion for interior design & fashion on her gorgeous Instagram page.

Bruna lives in Amsterdam with her boyfriend and shares the most beautiful content on her Instagram. Want to make her happy? Get her an iced matcha and you’re good to go!

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Michelle Fleur

This fashionable lady became a mommy to her cutest baby girl Nila-Jo. Together with her sweet boyfriend, she is living her Amsterdam dream.

She loves to share about fashion, interior, lifestyle and now also more and more about motherhood. Because of her authentic personality she’s able to give advice and inspiration to her many followers.

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Amaka Hamelijnck

Dutch & Nigerian curly head. Amaka is making her way through life with fashion, photography and interior.

She brings a refreshing, funny and uplifting energy with her everywhere she goes and because of this is very relatable to her followers. She is kind and always herself.

If you’re looking for some colorful and bright inspo, Amakas page is the place to be!

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Widya Soraya

Mommy of Mia! This beautiful spiritual angel is flowing through life with the energy of love.

She helps other people to grow and now she has started her new chapter as a mom to her angel daugther.

With her authentic and loving energy she has created an online sisterhood full of support and love.

If you’re looking for some fashion inso but also want to broaden your spiritual knowledge? You’re welcome to learn and grow at Widyas page.

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Victoria Waldau

The reels queen! Give her some make-up and she turns it into a beautiful eye look.

This stunner girl loves to travel and cuddle with her fluffy friend George. She is passionate about fashion and just started her own swimwear label!

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Monica Geuze

A true boss babe! With her own podcast, YouTube channel, reality series, and presentation jobs she is taking over the world.

Besides her busy life, she is a mother and a real fashion lover! With her good sense of humor and infectious laugh, she knows how to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Expect the most beautiful, feminine and colorful fashion items!

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Fia Hamelijnck

Not your average girl. Fia creates the most beautiful and colorful content with her great sense of style.

Her super creative mind can turn every piece of clothing into art. Fia gets a smile on everyone's face with her beautiful smile and her colorful clothing style.

She’s not only a content creator, she’s also a creative marketing manager for the brand Fabienne Chapot, where she can use all her creativity and love for colors and prints.

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Hollie Mercedes

The Scottish girl now calls Amsterdam her home. Along with her boyfriend, she is the proud parent of their adorable dog Cookie.

This always happy girl also has the most cheerful style! Hollie shows her loyal followers her Amsterdam life, as well as sharing fashion and style inspiration.

Expect lots of prints, colors, and eye-catchers from her. Mixing high street with high end pieces, and of course a touch of colour.

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Isaya Elais

This sweet and always cheerful girl loves to travel all over the world. Before her rise to fame, she worked as a model and interior stylist.

Both prompted her to share her vision on Instagram, which led to many thousands of followers who are inspired by her every day.

Her recognisable photos are dreamy and romantic. A little fact, she is a true chocolate lover.

Her style is elegant, timeless and eclectic. Expect many colorful styles from this gorgeous girl!

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Charelle Schriek

A spiritual model from Amsterdam. A former model with a strong interest in personal development and mental health.

Recently she decided to stop modeling and do more of what she loves. Charelle loves to keep herself inspired and energized by helping brands with their visual identity. 

With her dark brown hair and soft green eyes, you can´t keep your eyes of her.

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Dilan Sabah

This beauty guru’s make-up is always on point! And you should definitely not underestimate her sense of style.

She is always there serving the best make-up and fashion looks. With her contagious smile every room will light up. She is also the mother of the cutest blue eyed boy named Roman.

Expect timeless, neutral and stunning fashion items from her!

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Monique Nadia Palombo

Her love for fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel shines through all of her content. You can expect lot’s of classy fits from her!

With her blog she shares more
personal details of her life so you can get to know her better.

If you need some good styling tips or you want to know how to create a sustainable wardrobe, Monique’s your girl!

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