Umé Studio for Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week

Umé Studio for Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week

Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week, a Fashion Week which revolves around green, sustainable fashion and textile recycling. During this week, the fashion event presents “sustainable innovation, young & established designers and ready-to-wear fashion to consumers.”

If we really want to change something about fast fashion for our world, it starts with us, the consumer. Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week, DSFW for short, seeks to move the market toward more sustainable choices through a "push effect”. Umé Studio contributes to this.

Umé Studio, a store that features the unique style of 13 famous influencers! In fact, it is impossible for them to keep all the items from brands they collaborate with throughout the year. For this reason our store: where fashion, art, and consciousness meet. We have created a circular solution, by giving pre-loved items a second life. Umé knows how to surprise you again and again with new items being added to the collection every week.

By buying the items you like from famous content creators you’re able to slow fast fashion down, and yes, you’re still buying fast fashion sometimes. But you can slow this process.

But what does fast fashion actually mean? Fast fashion is fast because of how quickly clothing designs move from the catwalk to stores. These products have a huge impact on the environment, because of the way it’s made but also how much. Lot’s of these items will be thrown away without it being used. A little fact: The manufacture of one T-shirt costs about 2500 liters of water, and even more for jeans!1 pair of jeans is equal to 7000 liters of water. A new outfit equals to 9500 liters, that’s the same as taking a shower 146 times!

You can reduce this by buying a pre-loved product. This way the items these girls get won’t go to waste but get a second life and will actually be used. Our team makes sure the products are ready to use and for you to take home with.

Are you inspired and motived by this story to contribute to Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week and are you also looking for some essential fall items for your wardrobe? You’re in luck! You can still use the code SUSTAINABLE22 for 10% off your entire order. (Valid till 12/10/22)

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