Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week

The girls are in Paris! This time for Paris fashion week, truly the highlight of Fashion month and one of the biggest fashion events of the season. And our girls fit right in. Benthe, Amaka, Elise and Isaya attended ‘Calzedomania - A Legs Celebration’. This is the first time the brand showcased its leg wear overseas. It will definitely be a trend for this fall, because tights are back!

Have a look at how Amaka and Elise style them while walking the red carpet:


Our girls were not the only ones to attend this unforgettable event. Big names such as Shay Mitchell, Pixie Lott, Chiara Ferragni and even Anna Wintour, the legendary editor-in-chief of American Vogue.

Tights, the symbol of Parisian style since the 1940’s. All kinds of tights will be making their way back this year, with different patterns, textures and colours, so don’t be afraid to experiment! Want to go for a more simple and elegant look? Try going for a simple model that will finish your look. But if you are ready to be bold you can definitely go for some patterned tights that will make you trendy and unique with each step.


If you say tights, you say loafers and even though they were never really out of style, they are back and better than ever. And the best thing about these chique slippers is that you can style them any way you like. Having a casual day? No problem! Style a pair of jeans with an oversized blazer or sweater and some loafers and you’re good to go! Want to go a little more chique? Try styling an oversized blazer with biker shorts and some tights, a classic Parisian look.

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