Exclusively available at UMÉ Studio Lulàs Lulàs and It's Lava!

Exclusively available at UMÉ Studio Lulàs Lulàs and It's Lava!

We are thrilled to announce that we are now proudly featuring two extraordinary brands in our collection: Lulàs Lulàs Jewelry and It's Lava (Vegan) Bags. These stunning additions are set to elevate your style, and you can explore, try, and take them home either through our online store or by visiting our physical boutique.

Lulàs Lulàs Jewelry: A true statement piece

Lulas Lulas Jewelry, known for its unique style and endless combinations, is now available to shop at our Stores! This Spanish jewellery brand dares to take risks and  is not afraid to make a fashion statement. We are thrilled and hounored that this jewellery brand found it's dutch home at our boutiques <3

It's Lava Vegan Bags: Ethical Fashion meets true style

For those with an eye for ethical fashion, UMÉ Studio now offers It's Lava Vegan Bags. These eco-friendly and cruelty-free accessories redefine the concept of chic sustainability. From sleek crossbody bags to spacious totes, each piece is a testament to the fusion of style and consciousness. Witness the beauty of It's Lava Vegan Bags at our store, where you can not only see them but also feel the quality and versatility firsthand.


 The Shopping Experience: Web or Walk-in

Whether you're a digital shopper or prefer the hands-on experience, UMÉ Studio caters to your needs. Dive into our user-friendly webshop to explore the latest arrivals from It's Lava and Lulàs Lulàs. For those who appreciate the tactile allure of fashion, our boutique awaits your visit. Try on your favorite pieces, consult with our fashion experts, and leave with a purchase that perfectly resonates with your style.

From Pop-Up Success to Permanent Presence

Following the success of our Amsterdam pop-up event, UMÉ Studio is excited to make Lulàs Lulàs and It's Lava permanent fixtures in our collection. We understand that great style is an evolving journey, and we are committed to bringing you fresh, exciting choices that resonate with your individuality.

Happy (online) shopping for now!

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