BIG NEWS! Meet our new store UMÉ Atelier

BIG NEWS! Meet our new store UMÉ Atelier

UMÉ Atelier was born from the resounding success of UMÉ Studio, its big sister in the world of fashion and sustainability. UMÉ Atelier represents the evolution of our commitment to conscientious living, offering a diverse range of ethically responsible interior pieces and clothing.

UMÉ Atelier


While UMÉ Studio has been changing the field of fashion by being the first to sell pre-loved clothing of influencers, UMÉ Atelier steps beyond fashion boundaries. Here, you'll discover a curated collection of exquisite vintage, handcrafted Berber carpets from Morocco, as well as the finest creations from brands like Sissel Edelbo. The Atelier will also become the new spot for the pre-loved designer pieces from your favourite influencers. But UMÉ Atelier's mission extends even further.


The name "Atelier" in UMÉ Atelier signifies a place of craftsmanship and transformation. Here, skilled artisans are dedicated to upcycling pre-loved influencer clothing that may no longer meet the fashion world's standards. We believe that every piece has the potential to be reimagined and revitalized. The name UMÉ is inspired by the Japanese flowering plum tree, which symbolizes connection and hope. This essence mirrors our vision at UMÉ Atelier, where we aim to connect people with sustainable choices while nurturing hope for a more sustainable future. 


A fun fact you might not have known is that UMÉ also stands for '' Under Mireille and Elise''. This mother and daughter duo joined forces a few years ago to devise a solution for a more circular fashion industry. The passion they both share for fashion, craftsmanship, and innovation is what has propelled UMÉ Studio to success, culminating in the recent launch of UMÉ Atelier. Together, they aspire to establish UMÉ as a renowned name and be trailblazers within the fashion and interior industries. All of this owes itself to their close-knit family bond.

Mireille and Elise founders of UMÉ Studio and UMÉ Atelier


By launching UMÉ Atelier, we hop on a journey with you to make the fashion industry even more circular. We invite you to join us in creating a world where style, ethics, and sustainability coexist harmoniously. Together, we can redefine the fashion landscape, one mindful choice at a time. Thank you for being a part of our story.

You can shop the items from UMÉ Atelier trough the UMÉ Studio webshop, or visit the store in Amsterdam, Haarlemmerdijk 144. (only 2 doors away from UMÉ Studio)

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