Benthe Walked The Runway In The Streets Of Paris

Benthe Walked The Runway In The Streets Of Paris

Our classy girl Benthe Liem is in the spotlights this week! We thought that this could be the perfect opportunity to sit down with her and have a chat about fall fashion and Paris Fashion Week. Paris is one of Benthe’s favourite cities, the food, the fashion and walking the streets like you’re on a movie set.

First of all, how was it to be in Paris again?
“It was amazing to be there again". Benthe was in Paris with two of her best friends, Elise and Amaka. One of the best parts of attending the Paris Fashion week is attending the beautiful shows. “I love fashion and I’m always very curious about what will be shown on the runways”. Something we’ll definitely see a lot of this fall is denim, “It’s going to be all denim haha!”. Be bold and go for a fully denim look with a classic white tee!

Do you have any funny or impressive moments to look back on?
Walking the red carpet, looking fancy and chique, but is it really all that glamorous? “We were put on a red carpet without knowing that this was going to happen... so we were really awkward and didn't know how to act at all! Luckily I haven't seen the photos of that moment yet, and think I'll keep it that way!” During Paris Fashion Week there were a lot of important and famous people present, which got us wondering if there are certain differences between Fashion Weeks, Paris and Copenhagen for example. “Personally, I like Copenhagen better. It's more easy-going and people are friendlier. In Paris everyone thinks of themselves as rather important and I don't really like that attitude”. The ‘Calzedomania - A Legs Celebration’ show, was very impressive, though. “There were a lot of acts, including pole dancers who performed meters in the air”.

Besides Fashion Week, what else did you guys do in Paris?
“We enjoyed the city and the amazing food, but we were also busy shooting content for collaborations.” Paris is the perfect city for shooting content, every street has a beautiful corner for some nice and aesthetic photos. In addition to attending Paris Fashion Week, the girls also used this opportunity to work. And there’s one thing the girls will not forget about this trip: “We made our own runway show through the streets of Paris with a few too many wines, oops..”

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